How to host a party in Wonderland

Hello all,

spring is finally there, and outdoor parties came back with it! We will therefore be starting an outdoors party series.

Let’s start with a glimpse into wonderland. And if you too can believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast, you’ll love what’s coming.

What makes Wonderland?Famous scenes of alice in wonderland

What are the most remarkable elements of the movie / book / disney movie?

Obviously, there’s the famous scene of the mad tea party : pastel teacups and teapots, high back chairs and lots of madness.

Then, the doorknobs scene, where Alice encounters the unforgettable “drink me” bottle and “eat me” cookies, making her shrink or grow.

Let’s not forget the most memorable characters :

  • Alice (thanks, Captain Obvious!)
  • The Queen of Hearts, who wants her roses red and behead everybody
  • The Mad Hatter, always dapper
  • The white rabbit, always late
  • The smoking caterpillar, fond of philosophical quotes
  • The army of play cards, absolutely terrified by their queen
  • The Cheshire’s Cat (my personal favorite), mad and enigmatic

 Queen of Hearts vs Mad Tea Party

To really immerge your guests in Wonderland’s atmosphere, you’ll need to decide if you go full Queen of Hearts, or if you want to channel the Tea Party style… or mix both of them!

The mad tea party is very colorful, very dynamic, the table is overcrowded with food and drinks, teapots and teacups, flowers, etc. It’s a very lively and summery decoration.

The Queen of Hearts style will revolve more around black red and whites, with checkered patterns, lots of play cards, roses, etc.
The Queen of Hearts’ soldiers are a super easy and cheap way to make your garden party look awesome.
You’ll need:

  • White cardboard (or any cardboard and white paint)
  • Red and white cardstock for the faces
  • Sticks of some kind to make the spear: as long as it is thin and won’t fold with the first wind, it’s good.

Find more about how to create these soldiers on Elizabeth’s blog.

Will you go for a Queen of Hearts look or make a Mad Tea Party? Whatever your choice, we’ve got things for you.

If you’d like to go with a table skirt like this one, you’ll find the tutorial here, by Alicia. It’s very easy: just cut big red, black and white ribbons of tulle, fold them in two and knot them onto the main line (the horizontal one, that you attach to your table – a little dip of hot glue will do wonders for that!). This will take a bit of time, but it is easy and you’re certain to rock the Queen of Hearts decor. Try to also use red and white for plates, vases and bowls.

Of course, you’ll be expected to use red roses (but they don’t have to be all natural)!


You can try this tutorial from Lia Griffith or this one in order to make these beautiful paper or egg carton flowers.   

If you’re more a tea party kind of person, you’ll love Christina’s dyed doilies tutorial, that you’ll combine with lots of

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